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Pierre Gagnaire (born 9 April 1950 in Apinac, Loire) is a well known French chef, and is the Head Chef and owner of the eponymous Pierre Gagnaire restaurant at 6 rue Balzac in Paris (in the 8th arrondissement). Gagnaire is an iconoclastic chef at the forefront of the fusion cuisine movement. Beginning his career in St. Etienne where he won three Michelin Stars, Gagnaire tore at the conventions of classic French cooking by introducing jarring juxtapositions of flavours, tastes, textures, and ingredients. Famously known for his skills in reinventing French cuisine, his culinary motto has always been 'facing tomorrow but respectful of yesterday' ("tourné vers demain mais soucieux d'hier").

The cuisine of Pierre Gagnaire: a culinary hypothesis.

As one who cooks in the now, a cuisinier de l’immédiat, the chef turns his instincts into moments of Race. In the kitchen, as an alchemiste aux fourneaux, he transcends the raw material to reveal its true substance.Guided by the pull of un principe d’émotions, Pierre Gagnaire has made cuisine a means of expression, a language, one he prefers to be frank and direct, with dishes that replace words in reaching straight to the heart. Nothing duplicitous, no affectation… simply a daily commitment to the instrume nts of his trade, conducting his kitchen orchestra in a score of virtuoso savoir-faire.

The cuisine of Pierre Gagnaire is art. It is love. It is technique.*

*A book by Pierre Gagnaire is entitled La cuisine c’est de l’amour, de l’art, de la technique in French.


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