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Insider Collection

A wealth of cultural opportunities, Danang is home to several traditional Vietnamese events happening throughout the year. There is always something going on in Danang and whether your interests involve a night out on the town or a traditional Vietnamese ceremony, we can help you find the traditional Vietnamese experience to enrich your stay.

Local Events

Hoi An Full Moon Night
Every evening on the 14th of the lunar month, the town of Hoi An is enveloped in the light of the full moon when all electricity is turned off and the townspeople convene at the river to release lanterns with the intention of ridding themselves of all sadness and bad luck.

Following this, locals and tourists alike gather in the streets of Hoi An to enjoy local cuisines and games, and to walk around with loved ones.

Cau Ngu Festival
Known as the Whale Festival, the Cau Ngu Festival takes place over 2 days every year in March. This festival consists of a series of rituals performed to thank the whales in the surrounding sea for allowing them to fish in peace throughout the year. During the festival, the Vietnamese paint & beautifully decorate their fishing boats with local flowers. The villagers also make several elaborate offerings while they pray for a successful fishing year to come. The events of the festival are truly a sight to behold with a stunning array of activities and ceremonies to explore.

Local Delicacies

Most regions and towns in Vietnam have their signature dishes and Hoi An is certainly no exception. It may not come as a surprise that the local tastes reflect the town’s cosmopolitan past, with flavors and influences from Japan, China and France found in some of its common dishes.

Cao lau is perhaps the quintessential Hoi An dish, featuring thick, chewy noodles that have more than a minor resemblance to Japanese udon. They’re topped by thin slices of pork, lettuce, fresh herbs such as mint, basil and cilantro, and crunchy pieces of deep fried dough. Authentic cao lau noodles can only be made using water drawn from Hoi An’s ancient stone wells.

Com ga (Chicken rice) is another local specialty, derived from the classic Hainanese dish but with a delicious Vietnamese spin.  Fluffy rice is cooked in chicken stock and served with boiled, shredded chicken with Vietnamese mint, lime juice, sliced onions and chilies.

Banh mi, Vietnam’s well-known baguette sandwich, reflects the French influence in the county. These delicious sandwiches, filled with a variety of meats, vegetables and herbs including cilantro, basil and pickled carrots and daikon, have carried the banner of Vietnamese cuisine around the world. Many—including chef and TV host Anthony Bourdain—claim the best are found in Hoi An. Perhaps the most famous is found at Banh Mi Phuong, located at 2 Phan Chau Trinh Street.

Lifestyle & Shopping

Aside from its natural beauty and historical sites, Danang and its surrounding area is also home to a range of lifestyle and leisure activities. Shopping is a particular highlight and you’ll find a range of local artisan crafts, high quality silk, art words and jewellery to choose from.

It is no secret that the Vietnamese are skilled with a needle and thread, Danang’s local tailors are no exception. Have a new shirt made or order an entire suit. No matter what you request, tailors in Danang will provide a fantastic quality of clothing and equally extraordinary service. Just ask our concierge for their local recommendations.

Han Market
Further afield, the one-of-a-kind Han Market in Da Nang, positioned between Tran Phu Street and Bach Dang Street alongside the west bank of the Han river, is a wonderful medley of sights and sounds and a taste of a typical vietnamese marketplace. This 28,000 square meter bi-level behemoth sells everything from dried fruits to designer knockoffs. It started as a small trading area during French colonial times, was expanded in 1940 and totally rebuilt in 1989. Local people head to Han Market for goods such as fabric, clothes, fresh fruits, flowers and local food at reasonable prices.

Ba Na Hills Golf Club
Designed by Luke Donald and managed by IMG, Bana Hills is a world class facility and is Luke Donald’s first design project. The course is located at the foothills of the famed Ba Na Hills on Vietnam’s central coast, located 25 minutes from downtown Da Nang. The course was awarded “World’s Best New Golf Course” at the World Golf Awards 2016. The par 72, 18-hole Championship golf course provides a balance of challenge, enjoyment and excitement to golfers of all levels and abilities with 5 sets of tees to ensure golfers of all standards are assured a pleasurable round of golf.