Truyền Thông

Tin tức


Our Designer’s Pics: The Most Photogenic Spots

A riot of colour, unconventional design and a healthy splash of whimsy

La Maison 1888, where Vietnamese meets French mastery

Where delicate, floral Vietnamese flavours meet French cuisine in an elegant colonial setting

The Nam Tram, transporting guests from Heaven to the Sea

How many resorts have their own funicular railway?

Taking inspiration from Vietnamese cuisine with Chef César Combe

Chef de Cuisine César Combe has spent the past seven years discovering Vietnamese cooking techniques and the secrets behind

Where the Wild Things Are

Our Resort is located in the heart of the pristine Son Tra National Park

Nơi Lãnh Đạo Gặp Gỡ

There’s long been a tendency for meeting and event spaces to be minimalist, free of unnecessary adornment and, dare we say, bland

10th Anniversary Round-up: Pioneering Ultimate Luxury

We strive to deliver the absolute best with everything we do and every experience we create 

10th Anniversary Round-up: Connecting with Nature & Communities

We work to be a valuable neighbour, whether to the human or natural worlds around us

10th Anniversary Round-up: Celebrating Creativity

Our environment and our experiences are carefully and thoughtfully crafted 

10th Anniversary Round-up: Cultivating Artistry

Our employees are masters of their individual crafts

10th Anniversary Round-up: A Haven of Well-being

We are a comprehensive, year-round well-being destination

Đội Ngũ Nhân Viên


Tổng Giám Đốc

“Helping guests make memories that will last forever, creating truly excellent experiences, seeing the same familiar faces… that’s the epitome of true hospitality, and that’s when I know I’ve done it right.”



Cộng Sự Sáng Tạo - Kiến Trúc Sư

Tôi chưa bao giờ bị ám ảnh bởi việc thiết kế tại bất cứ điểm nào khách có thể thấy đến vậy. Tôi muốn mọi người cảm thấy hấp dẫn ở mọi góc họ nhìn.


Cộng Sự Sáng Tạo - Bếp trưởng tại La Maison 1888

“The spirit of my cuisine is inspired by the incredible location, by the flavours of Vietnam, and by the men and women who work here.”


Quản Lý Khu Nghỉ Dưỡng

“My job is to make people feel at home and happy. I always think that guests may not remember if we serve them on the wrong side, but they definitely remember how we make them feel!” 



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Where Myth Meets Luxury

Tập san & Thông tin chung

Resort Highlights

Resort Highlights (VN)

Cover of 10th anniversary Press Kit

10th Anniversary Press Kit

Bản Đồ Khu Nghỉ Dưỡng

Cover of Meetings brochure

Where World Leaders Meet (Meetings & Incentives)

Cover of Meetings brochure

Where World Leaders Meet (Meetings & Incentives – VN)

Cover image of wedding brochure

Where Happily Ever After is Just the Beginning (Weddings – VN)

Cover image of wedding brochure

Where Happily Ever After is Just the Beginning (Weddings)

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