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Spirit of Vietnam

Vietnam’s cuisine is renowned beyond its borders for its balance of tastes, its use of a variety of fresh herbs, and iconic dishes such as Pho. There are distinct regional varieties that gradually reveal themselves to the intrepid gourmet traveller: from the light and subtle textures of the north, to the bold presentations of the central region, and to the vibrant food of the fertile south. Let us take you on a culinary trip through Vietnam’s flavours with our authentic Vietnamese buffet every Friday.

Timing: every Saturday, 18:30 to 22:00
Venue: Citron Restaurant, Heaven Level

  • 1,299,000VND per person inclusive of unlimited soft drinks and juices
  • 1,499,000VND per person inclusive of unlimited Imported beers, soft drinks and juices
  • 1,899,000VND per person inclusive of unlimited imported wine, red wine, beers, soft drinks and juices
  • 699,000VND kids from 6- 11 years old inclusive of unlimited soft drinks, water and juice

The price is subject to 5% service charge and 10% prevailing government tax 
For reservations & enquiries, please contact us at email dining@icdanang.com or phone number +84 236 393 8888.