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Crafted from healing wisdom passed down through generations, HARNN Heritage Spa focuses on restoring the natural balance of the body and mind. We take pride in our heritage, the precious healing legacy of our ancestors which we proudly give to our guests. 

Inspired by the practice of traditional Asian medicine and naturopathy, each HARNN treatment is thoughtfully designed to enhance wellness. Only the finest botanical ingredients are used to create restorative harmony and health. 

Recently crowned by World Luxury Spa Awards 2017 as "Global Spa of the Year" & "Best Luxury Spa Retreat" and previously named as "Asia's Best Resort Spa"  by World Spa Awards 2016, HARNN Heritage Spa is a sanctuary for the body and soul. The environment provides the purifying power gifted by the earth. Complemented by skillful techniques by our professionally-trained therapists, we give you the ultimate pampering and relaxation you well deserve. Taking luxury a step further, the spa also provides treatments at the Sun Peninsula VIP Departure Lounge of Danang International Airport ensuring that you are well looked after during all stages of your stay in our resort. 

Liberate your mind …  Indulge your senses ... Your journey to a luxurious experience begins here.

Opening Hours:
9.00 am – 8.00 pm
Located at Sea Level. 

Special promotions for January & February 

Enjoy our special offers for these two months (available from 9:00AM- 2:00PM) with 20% OFF on our "HARNN Heritage body pampering" Siamese Jasmine collections.

Ideal for dry, sensitive skin, the Siamese Jasmine body scrub contains mild exfoliating beads from ground red fragrant rice and corn, marshmallow oil and pennyworth extracts which soothe and nourish delicate skin.


10% discount on our Rabbits Moon Set collection.


Have a 30-minute upgrade to a complimentary Thai herbal compress, for every 90-minute body therapy booked during your stay. All offers cannot be combined with other promotions or room benefits.